As the Former Chief Executive Officer at Best Buy, Brian Dunn earned a total compensation of $3,701,090 in 2012, which decreased by 47.69% compared to 2011.

Of this total, $190,385 was earned as salary, $2,542,569 was awarded as stock, and $968,136 came from all other compensation.

Mr. Dunn resigned from the Company on April 9, 2012.

Brian Dunn worked with Michael Vitelli, Stephen Gillett, Carol Surface, Keith Nelsen, Shari Ballard, James Muehlbauer, Sharon McCollam, George Mikan, and Hubert Joly at Best Buy in 2012.

Year Adjustment

The company's 2013 fiscal year, which ended on February 2, actually covered the majority of year 2012. This website therefore treated this period as year 2012.

Compensation Data Fiscal 2013 Ends: Feb 2
  • Salary$190,385
  • Stock Awards$2,542,569
  • Other$968,136
  • Total$3,701,090
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