As the Vice President at Superior Energy Services, Brian Moore earned a total compensation of $3,054,322 in 2012.

Of this total, $490,652 was earned as salary, $143,325 was received as a bonus, $2,400,005 was awarded as stock, and $20,340 came from all other compensation.

Mr. Moore became an executive officer upon the Company's acquisition of Complete on February 7, 2012.

Brian Moore worked with William Masters, A. Patrick Bernard, Robert Taylor, and David Dunlap at Superior Energy Services in 2012.

Compensation Data Fiscal 2012 Ends: Dec 31
  • Salary$490,652
  • Bonus$143,325
  • Stock Awards$2,400,005
  • Other$20,340
  • Total$3,054,322
Superior Energy Services
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