As the Chief Executive Officer and President at Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Brian Kelley earned a total compensation of $13,373,551 in 2013.

Of this total, $744,231 was earned as salary, $600,000 was received as a bonus, $7,699,969 was awarded as stock, $2,800,454 was received in stock options, $1,172,163 was awarded from non-equity incentive plan, and $356,734 came from all other compensation.

Mr. Kelley joined the Company as President and Chief Executive Officer effective December 3, 2012.

Brian Kelley worked with Michelle Stacy, Gerard Geoffrion, Sylvain Toutant, Robert Ostryniec, Frances Rathke, and Lawrence Blanford at Green Mountain Coffee Roasters in 2013.

Compensation Data Fiscal 2013 Ends: Sep 29
  • Salary$744,231
  • Bonus$600,000
  • Stock Awards$7,699,969
  • Option Awards$2,800,454
  • Non-Equity Incentive$1,172,163
  • Other$356,734
  • Total$13,373,551