As the Chief Financial Officer and Vice President at General Motors, Daniel Ammann earned a total compensation of $4,789,665 in 2012, which increased by 36.58% compared to 2011.

Of this total, $750,000 was earned as salary, $4,007,056 was awarded as stock, and $32,609 came from all other compensation.

Mr. Ammann was elected Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer in April 2011.

Daniel Ammann worked with Timothy Lee, Mary Barra, Stephen Girsky, and Daniel Akerson at General Motors in 2012.

Compensation Data Fiscal 2012 Ends: Dec 31
  • Salary$750,000
  • Stock Awards$4,007,056
  • Other$32,609
  • Total$4,789,665
General Motors
Auto & Truck Manufacturers
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