As the Former Executive Vice President, Finance and Administration and Chief Financial Officer at Hologic, Glenn Muir earned a total compensation of $2,564,917 in 2014.

Of this total, $600,000 was earned as salary, $956,241 was awarded as stock, $317,122 was received in stock options, $520,200 was awarded from non-equity incentive plan, and $171,354 came from all other compensation.

The Other amount represents (i) the Company’s contributions to the DCP in the amount of $125,000; (ii) the Company’s matching contributions under 401(k) Savings and Investment Plan in the amount of $10,400; (iii) automobile allowance in the amount of $17,876; and (iv) Company paid insurance premiums in the amount of $18,078.

Glenn Muir worked with Rohan Hastie, David Harding, John Cumming, Mark Casey, Roger Mills, Robert McMahon, Eric Compton, and Stephen MacMillan at Hologic in 2014.

Compensation Data Fiscal 2014 Ends: Sep 28
  • Salary$600,000
  • Stock Awards$956,241
  • Option Awards$317,122
  • Non-Equity Incentive$520,200
  • Other$171,354
  • Total$2,564,917
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