As the Former President and Chief Executive Officer at Starbucks, James Donald earned a total compensation of $-1,319,864 in 2008, which decreased by 117.53% compared to 2007.

Of this total, $311,538 was earned as salary, $-2,506,849 was received in stock options, and $875,447 came from all other compensation.

Pursuant to SEC rules, the Option Awards amount reflects the reversal of only the previously expensed portions of the awards that were reported in the fiscal 2007 proxy statement (Starbucks first proxy statement under the new SEC rules). The SFAS 123R grant date fair value of the stock options forfeited in fiscal 2008 that were granted in fiscal 2008, due to Mr. Donald's termination, was $4,695,763.

James Donald worked with Gerardo Lopez, Martin Coles, Clifford Burrows, Peter Bocian, and Howard Schultz at Starbucks in 2008.

Compensation Data Fiscal 2008 Ends: Sep 28
  • Salary$311,538
  • Option Awards$-2,506,849
  • Other$875,447
  • Total$-1,319,864
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