As the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman at Morgan Stanley, John Mack earned a total compensation of $37,529,106 in 2006.

Of this total, $800,000 was earned as salary, $36,206,766 was awarded as stock, $178,945 was received in stock options, and $343,395 came from all other compensation.

The Company's Board-approved policy directs the Chairman and CEO to use the Company aircraft when traveling by air. These amounts include $321,848 in fiscal 2006 and $407,762 in fiscal 2005, reflecting personal use of Company aircraft. Perquisites are valued based on the aggregate incremental cost to the Company. The value of personal use of corporate aircraft includes variable costs incurred in connection with personal flight activity, and does not include fixed costs of owning and operating the corporate aircraft. The value was calculated for fiscal 2006 based on the incremental variable cost of the personal travel, including: landing/parking/flight planning expenses; crew travel expenses; supplies and catering; aircraft fuel and oil expenses per hour of flight; maintenance, parts and external labor per hour of flight; customs, foreign permits and similar fees; and passenger ground transportation. The value was calculated for fiscal 2005 based on variable cost per passenger mile flown.

John Mack worked with Neal Shear, Jerker Johansson, Robert Scully, and Zoe Cruz at Morgan Stanley in 2006.

Compensation Data Fiscal 2006 Ends: Dec 31
  • Salary$800,000
  • Stock Awards$36,206,766
  • Option Awards$178,945
  • Other$343,395
  • Total$37,529,106
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