As the Chief Executive Officer at Yahoo, Marissa Mayer earned a total compensation of $36,615,404 in 2012.

Of this total, $454,862 was earned as salary, $35,000,002 was awarded as stock, $1,120,000 was awarded from non-equity incentive plan, and $40,540 came from all other compensation.

Ms. Mayer was appointed as Chief Executive Officer and President, and as a member of board of directors, effective on July 17, 2012.

The Stock Awards amount includes stock awards granted in 2012 even if they have not yet vested. Ms. Mayer actually realized $4.3 million in vested stock awards during 2012. Ms. Mayer's stock awards consist of a retention RSU award, an annual RSU award, and a "make-whole" RSU award. The vesting schedules for Ms. Mayer's 2012 stock awards range from 2.5 years to 5 years.

Marissa Mayer worked with Blake Irving, Michael Barrett, Timothy Morse, Scott Thompson, Ross Levinsohn, Miyuki Rosen, David Dibble, Henrique de Castro, and Kenneth Goldman at Yahoo in 2012.

Compensation Data Fiscal 2012 Ends: Dec 31
  • Salary$454,862
  • Stock Awards$35,000,002
  • Non-Equity Incentive$1,120,000
  • Other$40,540
  • Total$36,615,404
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