As the Chief Legal Officer at Live Nation, Michael Rowles earned a total compensation of $626,689 in 2006.

Of this total, $321,282 was earned as salary, $104,517 was awarded as stock, $200,000 was awarded from non-equity incentive plan, and $890 came from all other compensation.

Mr. Rowles joined Live Nation effective March 13, 2006. Mr. Rowles' non-equity incentive plan compensation represents a cash performance bonus that was paid in 2007, but was earned based upon obtaining 2006 performance goals.

Michael Rowles worked with Charles Walker, Bruce Eskowitz, Alan Ridgeway, and Michael Rapino at Live Nation in 2006.

Compensation Data Fiscal 2006 Ends: Dec 31
  • Salary$321,282
  • Stock Awards$104,517
  • Non-Equity Incentive$200,000
  • Other$890
  • Total$626,689
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