As the Former Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary at Motorola Solutions, A. Peter Lawson earned a total compensation of $3,297,916 in 2010, which increased by 0.10% compared to 2009.

Of this total, $540,000 was earned as salary, $551,661 was awarded as stock, $559,002 was received in stock options, $1,628,820 was awarded from non-equity incentive plan, and $18,433 came from all other compensation.

The Other amount consists of Company perquisite costs for Mr. Lawson for financial planning and Company contributions to the 401(k) Plan.

A. Peter Lawson worked with Eugene Delaney, Daniel Moloney, Edward Fitzpatrick, Sanjay Jha, and Gregory Brown at Motorola Solutions in 2010.

Compensation Data Fiscal 2010 Ends: Dec 31
  • Salary$540,000
  • Stock Awards$551,661
  • Option Awards$559,002
  • Non-Equity Incentive$1,628,820
  • Other$18,433
  • Total$3,297,916
Motorola Solutions
Communications & Networking