As the Former Executive Vice President, Printing and Personal Systems Group at Hewlett-Packard, R. Todd Bradley earned a total compensation of $9,298,720 in 2013, which increased by 26.30% compared to 2012.

Of this total, $935,036 was earned as salary, $1,875,002 was awarded as stock, $5,575,504 was received in stock options, $846,662 was awarded from non-equity incentive plan, and $66,516 came from all other compensation.

Effective June 18, 2013, Mr. Bradley ceased serving as Executive Vice President, Printing and Personal Systems when he accepted the non-Executive Council position of Executive Vice President, Strategic Growth Initiatives and thus ceased to be a Section 16 officer.

R. Todd Bradley worked with Michael Nefkens, Dion Weisler, William Veghte, Catherine Lesjak, and Margaret Whitman at Hewlett-Packard in 2013.

Compensation Data Fiscal 2013 Ends: Oct 31
  • Salary$935,036
  • Stock Awards$1,875,002
  • Option Awards$5,575,504
  • Non-Equity Incentive$846,662
  • Other$66,516
  • Total$9,298,720
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