As the Vice Chairman, Corporate Strategy, Business Development, Global Product Planning & Global Purchasing and Supply Chain at General Motors, Stephen Girsky earned a total compensation of $5,446,921 in 2012, which increased by 2.63% compared to 2011.

Of this total, $600,000 was earned as salary, $4,811,291 was awarded as stock, and $35,630 came from all other compensation.

Mr. Girsky was named Vice Chairman in March 2010. He has been a member of the Board since July 2009.

Stephen Girsky worked with Timothy Lee, Mary Barra, Daniel Ammann, and Daniel Akerson at General Motors in 2012.

Compensation Data Fiscal 2012 Ends: Dec 31
  • Salary$600,000
  • Stock Awards$4,811,291
  • Other$35,630
  • Total$5,446,921
General Motors
Auto & Truck Manufacturers
Cyclical Consumer Goods & Services