Highest-paid executives in Technology sector

Executive Corporation Position Salary Stock Option Non-Equity Total
Robert Mansfield Apple Vice President 805,400 83,118,825 1,600,000 $85540637
Lawrence J. Ellison Oracle Chief Executive Officer 1 76,893,600 $78440657
D. Bruce Sewell Apple Chief Legal Officer, Vice President 805,400 66,571,750 1,600,000 $68989812
Jeffrey E. Williams Apple Vice President 805,400 66,269,800 1,600,000 $68691612
Peter Oppenheimer Apple Chief Financial Officer, Vice President 805,400 66,169,750 1,600,000 $68591562
Nikesh Arora Google Chief Business Officer, Vice President 650,000 24,709,875 14,978,818 $51145868
Mark V. Hurd Oracle President 950,000 42,620,500 $43592574
Safra A. Catz Oracle Chief Financial Officer, President 950,000 42,620,500 $43590605
Henrique de Castro Yahoo Chief Operating Officer 84,092 37,999,991 $39184112
Patrick Pichette Google Chief Financial Officer, Vice President 650,000 21,964,757 13,314,569 $38741106
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