Highest-paid executives in Technology sector

Executive Corporation Position Salary Stock Option Non-Equity Total
Jeffrey Weiner LinkedIn Chief Executive Officer 583,750 18,709,690 28,678,729 1,094,531 $49071364
Marc Benioff salesforce.com Chairman, Chief Executive Officer 1,200,000 27,662,644 1,686,600 $31333332
Marissa A. Mayer Yahoo Chief Executive Officer 1,000,000 8,312,316 13,847,283 1,700,000 $24935712
John T. Chambers Cisco Chairman, Chief Executive Officer 1,100,000 15,237,652 4,700,080 $21049501
Paul E. Jacobs Qualcomm Chairman, Chief Executive Officer 1,200,014 15,000,069 3,480,000 $20448940
Eric E. Schmidt Google Chairman 1,250,000 11,365,184 $19323380
Margaret C. Whitman Hewlett-Packard Chief Executive Officer, President 1 4,394,475 12,713,433 260,000 $17643243
Gary B. Moore Cisco Chief Operating Officer, President 825,000 14,147,304 2,203,163 $17234015
Robert W. Lloyd Cisco Group President 800,000 13,236,126 2,136,400 $16228551
Shantanu Narayen Adobe Chief Executive Officer, President 941,667 13,148,100 1,638,500 $15747478
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